F. A. Q.

What is your schedule?

We offer the following weekly schedule:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
No Show No Show 7pm 7pm 7pm 7pm

I really want to come on a specific date, but I see you are sold out online….
We always try to maximize our intimate space to accommodate as many people as possible. If you are looking for a few extra seats, go ahead and send us an email at groups@batsunyc.com to see if it is possible to arrange.

If you are looking for 3 seats or more, it is very unlikely we can accommodate you at a sold-out performance. The good news is that we offer 7 shows a week to welcome your group to BATSU!

My friends all bought tickets, but now it’s sold out! Can I squeeze in and join them?
Maybe. Some tables do allow us to add one or more stools. Some do not. Email us at groups@batsunyc.com with the party name you want to join and we will take a look to see if we can make it happen for you.

What about tickets at the door? Is there a wait list?
If there are tickets available online, those same tickets are available at the door. Please note we do not accept cash, debit and credit cards only please.

If the show is sold out online, there are no tickets at the door. We do allow for a wait list.

  • List opens 30 minutes prior to showtime
  • Must sign up in person
  • No guarantee we will get anyone from list in (wish we could do more for you)
  • List closes 15 minutes after showtime

Can you accommodate a group of my size?
Generally, the number of tickets offered reflects the total available. If we have 2 for sale and you need 20, we can not. But if you need 8 and there are 7 available, go ahead and email us at groups@batsunyc.com and ask.

How do I make a reservation?
You must purchase tickets directly from our website at batsunyc.com. We can not hold reservations, tickets, or tables; the only way to secure entry/tables is to purchase on our website. Ticket/table availability subject to change without notice.

How early do I need to buy tickets?
Since every show is different, there is no hard and fast rule. Some shows sell out more than a month in advance. If you are looking on the ticketing page and you see there are only a few tickets left for the performance you are interested in, you should consider that date as being very close to being sold out.

What is the pricing for a ticket?
We have 2 ticket tiers – Standard and VIP:

Standard – $42 ($32 on Tuesdays and $37 on Wednesdays) 

  • Entry into BATSU!

VIP Tickets – $70 

  • Best tables in the house.
  • Hachimaki headbands (鉢巻, “helmet-scarf“) worn in Japanese culture as a symbol of effort or courage by the wearer – and to keep sweat off of the face) for each guest to take home.
  • Random visits from the Sake Ninja for all who wear their Hachimaki.
  • Warm Oshibori hand towels will greet you upon arrival to freshen up.

How do I enter BATSU!?
Wara, the home of BATSU! NYC is at 67 1st Ave at the corner of 1st Ave and 4th St. You must enter on the 4th St. side, through the screen door in the mural with a lantern hanging out front.

How does seating work?
First purchased, first served. We will automatically seat you together in as few tables as possible, as close together as possible, and in the best seats available within your ticketing tier, at time of purchase.

How long is the show?
Every show is different, but you can expect to be out two hours after showtime.

What is a “hachimaki” and what happens if I put one on my head?
The hachimaki is a Japanese headband — like in The Karate Kid, but the BATSU! version. They are $20 and are available at the show, or you may pre-purchase by clicking the link in your confirmation email.

The “hachi” is not only an awesome and fun souvenir, but those who wear one receive surprise visits from the Sake Ninja! While this is NOT unlimited free sake (that would be crazy) you will see that sneaky Sake Ninja several times throughout the night! Wear your hachi every time you come to BATSU! at any location – it’s a lifetime membership!

Do you serve food and drinks? Are they included in the ticket?
No food or drinks are included in your ticket price, but Wara has an awesome food and drinks menu offered before and throughout the show. There are no minimums of any kind.


In addition to the à la carte menu offered to all audience members, Wara also offers pre-fixe food and drinks packages that must be ordered prior to arriving at the venue. Please email me groups@batsunyc.com for more info.

SAKE BOMB POLICY – Please bomb your sake during our pre-show experience. Doing them during the actual show is super distracting to the actors on stage, those seated around you, and therefore, not permitted. KANPAI.

Can my group purchase their tickets separately?
Sure. If your group buys individually, we do need someone to be the group organizer and send us an email at groups@batsunyc.com with a list of ticket holder names so we can adjust the seating chart. If you have any group members that tend to wait to the last minute, they may lose their ability to purchase.

Do you offer group rates?
We do not offer group rates, but will help you coordinate to make sure your group has a wonderful time!

Is BATSU! appropriate for my company outing?
Absolutely. We welcome corporate groups and client outings to every performance! If you want to bring your coworkers or clients to funniest, most unique show in NYC, head over to batsunyc.com right now!

How old do you have to be to BATSU!
You must be 21+ to drink or sign up for a chance to participate in BATSU! We recommend that you be at least 18 years old to attend the show, but if your 16 or 17 year old is super mature and you don’t mind exposing them to a drinking culture, then sure, up to you. We check IDs at the entrance, so please have them ready. No one under 16 will be admitted.

I’m coming for a Birthday BATSU! What’s the deal with that?
We love celebrating your birthday! You are welcome to bring your own birthday cake to BATSU! (*NOTE: With the exception of the 7pm Friday & Saturday performances due to the quick turn around for the 10pm show. So sorry, but no exceptions.)

  • You may bring a cake up to 2 hours prior to showtime.
  • The cake will be kept by Wara in their walk in cooler during the show.
  • Wara will bring out your cake immediately following the show.
  • There is no cake cutting fee or holding fee…Wara is cool like that.
  • Please bring your own paper plates and forks.
  • You may bring up to 2 candles – This way you can put the age if you want – in fact, if the birthday boy/girl is turning 100, you can have 3 candles. IMPORTANT: A member of the restaurant staff must light your 1 or 2 candles – nothing we can do about that part, it’s their policy.
  • No table decorations or large hats permitted. Tiaras, however, are super okay.

Can I participate in BATSU!?
Maybe. Our staff has the sole right to select anyone they want as well as to not select anyone they want. This is who they are looking for:

  • Guests who are fun, happy, and nice.
  • Guests who are not visibly drunk or high.
  • Guests who are 21+ and who sign the waiver.
  • Guests who arrive prior to showtime.
  • Guests who arrive PRIOR to showtime.

Signing a waiver does NOT guarantee participation. No one arriving after showtime will be permitted to sign up for a chance to be selected. If you want a chance to play IN the show, you must arrive BEFORE the show starts – we recommend 15-30 minutes early.

Can I have a private BATSU! party?
Absolutely and here is why you should!

  • Up to 60 guests
  • Flexible start time
  • Customized seating chart! (You can choose who sits where!)
  • All audience volunteers are your team members!

Please email groups@batsunyc.com with your preferred date and we will get back to you with availability and pricing.

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